Sunday, May 1, 2011

I got paid to buy toothpaste!

Ok- so I am finally getting the handle on the stacking and the specials.
BONUS- I used my "free money" ECBs from CVS to buy another paper today.
Since I don't have a subscription... I used their money to get more coupons to save more $$.

Kinda creepy- a never ending savings circle.
I might make a habit of that on SUNDAYs when I shop.

OK- so I finally got PAID to buy something.
This toothpaste was on sale/ special with card  at CVS-
so I got ECBs which made it free and then used $1.00 off coupon
for each tube of toothpaste (limit 2)
and I actually got paid $2 to buy them!
(Well OK- I used the $2 off to buy something else-
shampoo I wanted actually- but Free money is free money!)

They would not have handed me the two bucks in cash- but I can spend ECBs the next time I shop!

Hard thing for me was DRIVING to CVS for like 8 things-
even though my toothpaste was
a deal and my deodorant was like $1 each..
I spent gas and time to drive over there..
wish I had a closer CVS. it isn't THAT far...
but far enough to make me pause anyway.

Oh yeah- I got .25¢ credit too for using my "green" shopping bag.

Over $300 worth in coupons in this week's paper!


I am learning!



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