Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saved $38 at Target! Plus $10 in gas from CVS!

Stockpile - SCHMOCK PILE. ;-)

OK - I did actually buy a few salad dressings this time (6) - however I did not "clear the shelves" so to speak- there were plenty left for everyone else. I liked this deal cause I could get different flavors of dressing. I got ranch - cucumber ranch- italian lite and spicy italian ( good as marinade) and a raspberry vinagrette and a thousand island.

I paid .69¢ a bottle (for 6) by stacking a manufacturer coupon on top of the target deal.

Kraft 16 oz dressing was $ 1.69.  So I used 2 different coupons on each set of bottles.

        1/2 Kraft dressing, 14 oz. +, RP 5/15 (RED PLUM newspaper insert dated 5/15) I had 3 papers- so I cut 3 coupons. 
Target Store coupon of :  $1/2 Kraft Italian salad dressing, 16 oz +, (Target coupon)  I only got got 1 set of Italians
PLUS 2 prints of "any" dressing flavor -$1/2 Kraft salad dressing, 16 oz, (Target coupon)

So each set of two had $2 off - making each bottle .69¢

Yippee- I will not need dressing again for 3-4 months - well until they expire anyway.
I didn't come up with this on my own- I followed the match ups sent from Southern Savers. I do subscribe to several- but I like the flexibility of printing the shopping list and removing any coupons I don't have so I don't waste paper. They even allow you add items- like my fresh fruit and milk and bread (had a .50¢ coupon for bread too!)

I have a hard time sometimes remembering to shop my normal "list" since I am so determined to find my coupon steals! HARD to focus on both - this print list helps me to make sure I remember all of my items!

I had a similar deal on KC BBQ sauce - but all the smallest bottles that would have been .28¢ were gone- I had to get the larger bottle and it was I think .89¢. I opted to only buy 2 instead of the planned 3 (I didn't have a big need- but we will use it when grilling this summer.)

ON to CVS- I paired up a few items in their "buy $30 - get $10 in gas" section with coupons I had on hand- to get $5.00 off of my $30 spent.. and I got $10 back- so all in all it was like I spent $15 and got $30 worth. Always scan your card before you shop- I got another health and beauty $5 off coupon and that changed the way I shopped for that trip. 

I was a bit disappointed that there were not any coupons in this week's paper- perhaps due to Memorial Day holiday weekend. MAYBE double the coupons in next week's paper. I am really enjoying the concept of letting CVS buy my next papers- so I get more coupons for free. 

I am getting better- this time I combined my trip with both CVS and Target so I didn't 
waste more gas on 2 trips- takes more time- but I used my coupon for $1 off a sonic breakfast in between shops! ;-) 

All in all a great trip- saving $38 at Target. It takes time to find and cut the coupons...
but I feel it is WORTH IT! 

The trick is not to look at the inserts and start cutting. i was using the coupons i found BEFORE they went on sale or i could stack with a target coupon etc. I did save .55c or so- but if I waited I could have saved 2-3xs that amount. So now I wait. I print online ones but only if I know WE WILL use those coupons. Like yogurts and snack bars and cereal etc.  

Hope that helps!

Bless you! 
Bless me! 

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  1. BT THE WAY I AM VERY EXCITED to see someone who is NORMAL on Extreme coupling show on TLC- she clearly said i don't need more than 5 items of one particular type and often donate the 50 free BBQ sauces to local charity. I was proud of that! That is what my idea has been - but so far I have only bought 3 of the exact same item- so now I am considering
    getting 6 papers so the other "3" rock bottom steals or FREE can be donated to food pantry. ;-)