Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2 SUPER DEALS at CVS today!

I have a lot going on this week- we are making our annual trek to the beach- for SANDFEST!

My special deals today were 3 boxes of cereal at on sale price of $1.66 - with a combined coupon for 1.50 off-- making all 3 cost about $1.16 each. NOT BAD! ALMOST got one whole box free! I will take to eat on the beach trip!

Duncan Hines Brownie mix was marked down to $1 as part of their 10 for $10 promo.
I had a .50¢ off coupon from the paper this past Sunday.. viola- just 50 pennies.
 I will make and take on our trip!

I am attaching the scan of the receipt- since I was especially proud of my savings- about %50!

I am learning! I hope you are saving money with coupons too!



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