Sunday, April 3, 2011


I have an envelope- where I save the coupons for each store- TARGET - CVS- HEB etc. However- yesterday we went to the store before I had a chance to grab my envelope from home. I thought - OH NO- no coupons- I have to pay full price for stuff?? (I know- just a few short weeks and already I am a coupon snob- if I don't have a coupon I don't wanna buy it!) I did however have a few manufacturer coupons left over from my target and cvs trips- and I pulled the IN STORE HEB yellow coupons- over near produce section " in between" the two entry doors. We bought the things we needed- Milk- fresh fruits/ veggies etc. and a few things "just because" (my 5 yr old BEGGED me for PRINGLES- she just discovered them last week and is IN LOVE)... she did ask nicely "may I..please..?" so.. I gave in... I bought the "single" serving shortie can for 59¢- which I will turn into 2 or 3 lunch size portions.

But the point is- we didn't stray wildly from the things on our usual "list"- might have tried some different brands of things- like borden cheese instead of HEB brand- (had a coupon) - but we didn't buy a dozen of body wash just because it was .25¢. While I do plan to keep one or two things on hand for when we "run out"- I will not be one of those people who gets 20 boxes of cereal... unless it's free.... then I can donate to the food pantry!? :-)

We bought healthy things- not just junk foods- and there were plenty of junk coupons available- but we simply chose not to purchase things we won't really use-we don't eat a lot of sugars and cookies/ candies etc.- I refuse to buy things we won't use "just cause" they are on sale... ;-)

I'm posting my receipt bottom to show the savings by going with HEB brands and in store deals AND adding about 10 manufacturer coupons- we saved about $30!

One of the blog's I have been keeping up with said to "budget" what to spend on items you DON'T need now.. like $10-15. For instance- I have hot dogs in my fridge now- turkey dogs actually. We don't eat them every day BUT we WILL eat them EVENTUALLY! So the ones that came free with the COMBO LOCO sausage deal will simply go in the freezer and get pulled out in a month or so. So I saved a ton of money on them by buying them when I didn't need them- but I did not spend time and money on stockpiling dozens of things for future-- make sense? The thing that I learned early from all those blogs you see posted on the right side... was everything has a sale cycle of 6-12 weeks- it rotates- if it was on sale this week- chances are it will be on sale again- in a few months- so I can pick it up next time.

*New habit - I am also pulling the fantastic deal coupons that I see like a full $1 or more off of items we DON'T use (but others might) and leaving them for others to use. If you see the $1.50 coupon taped to the peter pan jar of peanut butter (Bryn is allergic) that could been me! so hopefully I am blessing YOU too!

Most importantly Brett was with me for the first time- so he saw first hand the subtraction as each coupon was scanned- that was important for me to have.... he as a LOT skeptical at first. NOW HE IS 100% ON BOARD!

Keep in mind I am spreading out some of these grocery purchases by getting things at TARGET and CVS and WAL MART etc.-- when they are at their LOWEST sale prices and adding coupons.  That is why I only got 53 items.

BTW I asked Dave Ramsey - well OK - BLAKE the producer really- about the TARGET RED card- DEBIT CARD- and how they feel about the use of a store card that deducts just like a check from your checking acct. ?? (They give you 5% back when it is used)  I don't know if they will answer on air or not- keep listening and let me know if you hear anything this week!?

All of APRIL kid's eat FREE at IHOP after 4pm- we clipped a B1G1 entree from the paper coupons- so some night soon we are all four going out to have breakfast for dinner- for the price of 1 adult entree... keep ya posted!? I will wait for Bryndall to have a great behavior we can "reward" spontaneously with FUN dinner out... she will LOVE IT!



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