Thursday, April 7, 2011


SUPER S will double coupons EVERY DAY!!  OK - I saved most of my .50¢ coupons for the usual items (like canned and frozen veggies and lunch meat) and headed over to Startzville, about 15 minutes away. I was already going there for something else- so I thought I would combine a trip. They also have these little yellow coupons that I saw at the checkout but nobody knew where they came from... they are just "around" - like the HEB "yellow wall" collection.. without the yellow wall?? Confusing!?


I know I know - sounds fairly simple and folks assume you read it before filing/ planning trip etc.
HOWEVER- several of mine said DO NOT DOUBLE and let me tell ya- they DO NOT DOUBLE them! :-) NONE of my printables would scan in and they had to type in one by one.. arrggg... I had 2 people leave my line cause it took so long. OH WELL. I also practiced several of my "leave ems" by leaving a coupon for an item I was not going to buy. The poor girl at the register was just overwhelmed- she was new and not sure of anything!! She told me I couldn't use my 2nd coupon for fruit roll ups ($1.50/WYB 2) unless I bought 4 - I told her "I did buy four"- it was just a learning trip all the way around. I DID however SAVE about $8 on my purchases.. not bad!?

I found that indeed "eggs" are cheaper in the country - several items I had just purchased recently were ALOT less at Super S- brands like Borden and Folgers and Cheerios. MENTAL NOTE!!

ALSO- I can't come back this weekend - but they are doing a TRIPLE coupon (.50¢ face value) weekend. TRIPLE COUPONS!!! WOO HOO. I can't make it but I am passing it on to the folks in the area. THEY Limit 10 coupons used. HOWEVER - I saw a lady on extreme coupling that had to ring up like 8 transactions to get her special deal. I wonder if they would let me ring up twice... hmm..
let's not get stingy now. I will just take a simple double coupon on my other items. Still $1.50 off of 10 items is what $15- that is worth the gas to get there! I also plan to call them 1 x a mo or so and ask if it is a triple coupon sale yet. ( They never know till their MON staff mtg and it comes from CORPORATE)
SIDE NOTE- They were bought out last week- like literally last FRIDAY- so some plicies may change- I just hope they don't do away with the triples before I have a chance to even shop them!?

MY DEAL OF THE DAY was a can of Allen's green beans- it was marked down to .79¢ - I had a coupon from the paper for .35¢ - which I thought would double ( it was a do not double) making the can 9¢ - but instead it became .44¢! Now- it might end up at the food pantry or in a green bean casserole... but hey - .44¢ isn't half bad!

I am also collecting 2 sets of newspaper inserts from neighbors etc... so now if the websites on the RIGHT post a special "double up stacking deal" using them... I can now buy 2 instead of 1!

All in all I am learning ever single trip I take!

BONUS - A friend bought my lunch yesterday - when I met her for lunch I had a buy 1 get 1 entree coupon - so she paid for hers and my coupon bought mine.. she splurged and bought my drink!! ;-)
Thanks Wendy! We agreed to do it again next month - I will keep my eyes peeled for a B1G1 deal!


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